Chrysopelea paradisi- The Paradise Tree Snake

Silhouette of a Paradise Tree Snake I made in paint.

Welcome to the Chrysopelea paradisi Home Page


Lttile Paradise Tree Snake poking his head out of porch boards and  located at

Welcome, you have begun your ascent of the Paradise Tree Snake tree of knowledge. Here you will find that as you ascend the branches, more and more about this wonderful organism will be revealed to you. As you explore the branches of this site, try to appreciate the organism that is placed before you. So, strap on your climbing gear and follow in the snakes “belly” as you learn more about Chrysopelea paradisi, the Paradise Tree Snake.

Before you truly get started, here’s a little background knowledge on this beautiful snake species:



C. paradisi is a brightly colored member of the Genus Chrysopelea (Flying Snakes). The snake is distinguished from other Asian snakes by its long, slender body that may reach just over a meter in length. The black bodied snake is covered from head to tail with a yellow spotting pattern that may form a somewhat stripped pattern with red or orange splotches starting at the base of the head and extends down to the tail. The head of the snake is distinguished by the 5 yellow, or sometimes orange, bars that span its width.



One final note: Throughout the site I use images I made my self using the computer game and evolution simulator, Spore. The game, as pictured on the below, was quite useful when it came to creating images.

 The image to the right is a creation of mine from the computer game Spore. In this game, one can simply design organisms in the creature editor like I did or the person could play through the actual game, beginning in the cell stage and evolving their organism all the up to space exploration. The game is based off of the theory of Panspermia, or the belief that life on the planet originated from some where else in the Universe and seeded on this planet. In the game, your organism isThis is a image of a Paradise Tree Snake that I made on Spore. contained in a meteorite that collides with the planet of your choice. The game also plays on the theory of Evolution through Natural Selection, where organisms that are more adapted and better equipped to deal with other organisms have a better chance of survival.

As mentioned, I designed the Chrysopelea paradisi in the game and I believed that it turned out quite well.

If anyone cares, I give this game 5 flying snakes out of 5.






Now you are ready to climb the tree to the truth about Chrysopelea paradisi.



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