Domain- Eukarya

  Phylogenetic tree of dabbling ducks

Kingdom- Animalia


Phylum- Chordata


Class- Aves


Order- Anseriformes


Family- Anatidae


Genus- Anas


Species- Anas discors

 This phylogenetic tree is based off of the morphological traits of
dabbling ducks. It separates them based on the formality of the
common name and then relationships between the related species.

The Blue-winged Teal, Anas discors,  belongs to the Eukarya domain because it’s cells have nuclear envelopes and also contains membrane bound organelles. It is found in the Animalia kindom because it is multicellular, heterotrophic, and motile at some point in its life. The phylum that the blue-winged teal belongs to is Chordata because of the presence of 5 characteristic traits: 1.) a notochord, 2.) a dorsal hollow nerve chord, 3.) pharyngeal pouches, 4. ) endostyle,  and 5.) a postanal tail. It is in the Aves class because it is endothermic, there is a presence of feathers, and it has a large breast bone allowing for wing flapping. The blue wing is found in the order Anseriformes, which is known as the waterfowl. They are strong swimmers and fliers, have three toed feet that are webbed, long necks, flattened bills, and molt all flight feathers at once restricting flight for a few weeks. It is found in the family Anatidae because it is a swimming bird with short legs and bills with a horny tip. This usually includes swans, geese, and ducks. The genus the blue wing is found in is known as the Anas genus. This genus contains freshwater ducks, also called dabbling ducks. The blue-winged teal, Anas discors, is different from other species because of its characteristic light blue patches on the front of the wing which is visible during flight and males having a white crescent on its head.

Below, the phylogentic tree was created in order to show the many variety of species of the genus Anas. The most similar species to Anas discors (the blue winged teal) is Anas cyanoptera, (the Cinnamon Teal).

Phylogenetic tree of the Anas species 

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