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My name is Katelynn Deans and I am currently a junior here at the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse. I am majoring in Biology with a Bio-Medical Science concentration and I will have a minor in Chemistry. I am Pre-Dental with the hopes to become an Orthodontist. I am originally from Pine Springs, MN located as a small suburb of the Twin Cities. I have always loved the outdoors and besides spending time with my friends and family, I pursue many outdoor activities such as camping, boating, fishing, and hunting.

That's me! Taken by Katelyn Bladel 

I would like to give a special thanks to Dan Jackson, Jerry Kirkhart, and Jack Bartholmai for granting me permission to use their wonderful photographs. And another thanks to Ben Johnston at Kickapoo Valley Reserve. Thanks for everything!

This website was created as part of my Organismal Biology class (BIO 203) taught by Greg Sandland at the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse.  I chose the Blue-Winged Teal (Anas discors) because, as stated above, I love to hunt ducks with my family every fall at my cabin and so I have always had a passion for the many varieties of species that exist.


I hope you find this website interesting and helpful. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me at

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