The Making of Ducklings

Throughout the breeding season, a blue winged teal will have only one mate, however, they will change mates once that breeding season is over. Mating usually occurs during the wintering season and will continue into the migration. In order to mate, the males will attract females through courtship displays. In flight, a male will perform calls in order to pursue the female. In water, a male will position himself in front of a female at an angle to her but his head points away from her. If a female is to accept the male, she will stretch her head out and then she bows her head. When this happens, both the male and female will bob their heads.

 Photograph courtesy of Dan Jackson

Photograph to the left taken by Dan Jackson.










 Nesting for this specie occurs around the end of April to the middle of May. This takes place in areas of wetland, including marshes, ditches, and temporary ponds. New nesting areas are found each year due to the change in the conditions of the land.


Females are responsible for making the nest. They do this by digging a hole and dragging dried grass in and adding feathers. On average, the female blue winged teal will lay about 10 eggs. The eggs will hatch between three to five weeks later and the mother will then lead them to the water. Around five weeks old, the ducklings are then ready to fly and are therefore independent from that point on.

Male Blue-winged Teal with young one







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