The Humble Abode

Much of the Blue Winged Teal population can be found in the Prairie Pothole Region in the United States. This area includes the states of Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, North and South Dakota, and even in much of Wisconsin. Blue Winged Teals are migratory birds that, in the area of North America, will migrate down to the Gulf Coast of Mexico and the United States and also Caribbean coastal areas of Venezuela, Columbia and Guyana.

Map revised by Katelynn Deans 

The Blue Winged Teal is not present in North America during the cold months. It is one of the last of the dabbling ducks to migrate north, usually occurring in April and May, and one of the first to migrate south, which is usually around early August. During their time in the north, male Blue Wings will migrate around July to larger marshes where they then undergo their molting.


The habitat that the Blue Winged Teals prefer is an even mixture of open water to emergent vegetation.  Breeding includes places such as open fields adjacent to marshes, seasonal ponds, or semi-permanent wetlands. For nesting, the sites of choice are grassy areas on dry ground, sometimes even in tall grasses, hayfields and sedge meadows. Their nests are typically about 100 feet from some water source.

 Photograph courtesy of Dan Jackson

Photograph to the right
taken by Dan Jackson.









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