BIO 203


Domain- Eukarya

-The perch has membrane bound organelles and a nucleus

Kingdom- Animalia

-The perch is  multicellular and moves at some stage in its lifetime

Phylum- Chordata

-The perch has a spine and an internal skeleton (endoskeleton)

Class- Osteichthyes   -The perch is a bony fish that also breathes out of its gills

Order- Perciformes -Perciformes means "perch-like". The Yellow Perch fits right in


Genus- Perca

- Perca literally means perch. Some other characteristics that fit into this genus are lidless eyes and a pair of nostrils

Species- Perca flavescens

-Easily identified by the golden yellow coloration on their sides and six to eight dark bands running vertical on the sides. Perca flavescens means Yellow Perch in English.



This specific phylogenetic tree goes from sub-family down to the genus level.

This Phylogenetic tree shows the basic classification of the perch

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