BIO 203


 courtesy of Dr. Greg Sandland

The Yellow Perch is a very adept fish at acquiring food. It eats many different types of food such as small fish, insects and even zooplankton. Insects such as mosquitos are even  eaten, not just those insects in the water.

The Perch has two different ways it can eat; either it can use its teeth to catch fish and insects or it can use its gill rakers to try and filter out the zooplankton that is in the water.

The Perch does not have much fat on its body, being that it has usually less than 1%. Not only this, but it also has a closed circulatory system that uses a

courtesy of Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

counter-current on the gills to obtain the maximum amount of oxygen. This is perhaps one of the reasons why it is able to withstand low oxygen enviornments.


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