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The coyote has been called many things by many different people.  The Navajo referred to it reverently as "God's Dog", while some northern native American tribes called it the "medicine wolf".  Early settlers called it the "burrowing dog" or the "brush wolf".  Unfortunately, the most common context in which its name is heard currently seems to be in the phrase "coyote control."  But how much do we really know about these creatures, and are they really as much of a problem animal as society has made them out to be?  To learn more about the elusive and misunderstood coyote, click here..

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My name is Tara Schmitz and I am currently a junior at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.  I am majoring in biology with a biomedical concentration, and minoring in chemistry and Spanish.  After I finish my undergrad next spring I plan to attend graduate school for Physical Therapy.

Image by Tara SchmitzThis website was created as an assignment for my Organismal Biology class as part of the larger project.  I chose the coyote after learning that there have been increasing numbers of these creatures seen around my hometown in central Wisconsin.  While the primary concern for most people is the potential danger to livestock and pets in the area, I wanted to find out what the life of this animal is really like.

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