Why did I choose this organism? So at the beginning of the semester, we have to pick an organism to make a website of. There is a list of organism and the name 'Toe biter' caught my eyes.

I google searched for the pictures of Toe biter and found that some of the toe biter species carry their eggs on the back.

Male belostomatid from Baja California. Photo taken by Marshal Hedin. 

I chose L. americanus because it is different from the rest of the other giant water bugs. The males do not carry the eggs, but in stead, they guard the eggs. Click here to learn more about it.


Cool nicknames
Girls playing in a small pool. Photo taken by Gilmae.Toe biter:
Sometime, people found giant water bugs in swimming pool. The water bugs defense themselves by biting human, especially the toes, leaving them extreme pain and burning sensation. That is why people call the water giant bugs the "Toe Biter".

Line drawing of the Nintendo Pokémon Pikachu. Drawn by Eck et alElectric light bugs:
Giant water bugs are attracted to lights at night. Some people found the bugs flying to street light. That is why people call them "Electric Light Bugs".
(Doesn't it sound like they have the ability to give off electricity to attack predators?)