The Predator
L. americanus
and Pseudacris regilla (pacific chorus frog) are neighbors. During the mating season, pacific chorus frog would making a lot of noise, and that puts them at serious risk, especially at night.

Click here to see a picture by Dr. Benard of a L. americanus enjoying a pacific chorus frog.

L. americanus eating a fish. Photo taken by Tim Eisele.

L. americanus also eat a variety of fish. Here is a video of a L. americanus eating a gold fish. WARNING: This video contains natural predation. Click Here


On the menu of other organism
Although adult L. americanus eats fish that are larger then them, they are often eaten by fish and larger predatory insects and water spiders. The eggs and young L. americanus could be eaten by a variety of organism out in the wide.


Water Spider male waiting. Photo taken by Bryce McQuillan.
A water spider


There are not a lot of information of L. americanus being mutualistic, commensal, parasitic to other organisms yet.