Group: V (Negative Sense ssRNA Virus)
Order: Mononegavirales
Family: Rhabdoviridae
Genus: Novirhabdovirus
Species: Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia virus

Virus Classification, contrary to classifications of life, start at the level Group.

The virus is classified into group V (5) because of the type of genetic material it posesses. It has RNA as opposed to DNA, and possesses RNA of the single stranded, negative-sense type.

The virus fits into the order Mononegavirales, which feature non-segmented RNA. The prefix mono- means one, and refers to the whole, unbroken strand of RNA which this order of viruses possesses. Nega- refers to the negative-sense type of this RNA, while the -virales portion of the word indicates that it is a virus.

The family, Rhabdoviridae, consists of viruses that are rod shaped, and carry genetic code for five proteins. The prefix, Rhabdo- comes from the greek word, Rhabdos which means rod. This is a reference to the shape of the virus, though some have compared the shape to somewhat more of a bullet than a rod.

Novirhabdovirus species are viruses that contain a sequence of nucleotides that should code for a protein, however the viruses that contain this code lack said protein. This result led scientists to call this genus the, "no viron" genus. This translates into the Novir- prefix added to Rhabdovirus.

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 This is a phylogenetic tree of Rhabdoviruses, featuring the VHS virus. VHSV is placed into a group with SHRV, IHNV and HIRRV because that is it's genus, as explained above. All of these viruses carry similar genomes as well as feature the characteristic "no viron" gene sequence that makes up this genus. This molecular-based tree was made from gene sequences.







 The name Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia simply refers to the nature of the virus: one that causes mild to severe hemorrhaging. Septicemia simply refers to the state of infection of the fish.

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