Water Scorpion - Nepa cinerea 





      The most unique part of the Nepidae is their abdomens terminate into an elongated breathing tube and it is almost as long as its body. This tube is made up of two half tubes lying side by side to form a complete one. It is pushed up above the water, kind of like a snorkel, so that the bug can breathe before diving back in.


     The Nepa cinerea species locomotion is walking because are very sneaky animals. Therefore they make no sudden or quick movements. Water scorpions do have fully developed wings and are capable of flight but rarely do. Since they do live in an aquatic habitat they also have the ability to swim but are classified as poor swimmers.



     Animals that are in danger have sudden movements to get away but if a water scorpion was threatened they lie absolutely still and pretend to be dead. Unfortunately, their technique doesn’t always work for them but they have good chances because their habitat helps with camouflage. They get eaten by large insect larvae, fish (bluegill), ducks (bufflehead), and leeches. Don’t take the water scorpion for granted though because if handled carelessly it can inflict a painful but harmless bite.