Water Scorpion - Nepa cinerea 





Domain: Eukarya

Nepa cinerea falls under this domain because this animal has a true nucleus, and membrane bound organelles.

Kingdom: Animalia

Organisms that are underneath this kingdom are heterotrophic, multi-cellular, lack cell walls and have the option of locomotion.

Phylum: Arthropoda

Water scorpions are classified as arthropods because they have segmented bodies, paired appendages, and complex jointed exoskeletons.

Class: Insecta

Animals that fall underneath this class possess three main body regions the head, thorax, and abdomen, three pairs of legs, and one antenna.

Order: Hemiptera

This certain order of insects is most often known as the true bugs that have two pairs of wings, piercing or sucking mouthparts and undergo incomplete metamorphosis.

Family: Nepidae

Nepidae family is classified by two grasping legs, a long respiratory tube at the rear, and large wings.

Genus: Nepa

Nepa genus is known for their oval, flattened body with fairly short legs.

Species: Nepa cinerea

Nepa cinerea is one of a few scientific names for the water scorpion.



This phylogenetic tree above expresses the multiple families under the order hempitera. The nepidae (water scorpions) is most closely related to the belostomatidae (giant water bugs). It doesn't show all the families incorporated but it gives a general idea to some of the closer relatives.

This phylogenetic tree above expresses all the genera under the nepidae family. My website specifically focuses on the genus Nepa but from this tree there are multiple organisms that have different features compared to the Nepa.