Pinus strobus is a common tree in the La Crosse area of Wisconsin. It can be found  from Minnesota and Iowa to the east coast of the United States, and north up into Canada. Click here to view a map of the region.

Some other common names for Pinus strobus, include:
Eastern white pine tree taken by Ashley Minnis in Perrot State Park in Trempealeau, Wisconsin.    -Eastern white pine
    -Weymouth pine (common in Canada)
    -Northern white pine
    -White pine

A couple things that make this tree distinct from other pines, is that it has whorled branching and its needles are soft, bluish-green in color, and are arranged in bundles or fascicles of 5.

The bark is a silver-gray color that is generally smooth and greenish when young, and as the tree gets older, it becomes rough and scaly.

It is the tallest tree in the northeast and midwest forests of the United States and is the only pine with 5 needles in a fascicle east of the Rocky Mountains.

The Eastern white pine tree is an evergreen with a medium-dense canopy due to its lateral branching system.