How do they reproduce?

Eastern white pines are monoecious, which means they have both male and female reproductive organs located on the same tree. Even though both male and female reproductive structures reside on the same tree, they still undergo sexual reproduction.

The Pollen (male) Cones are:
-small, about 8mm long                  
-yellowish in color due to the pollen scales
-clustered at the base of the previous year's shoots
-located around the middle region of the tree

The Seed (female) Cones are:    Photo taken by Ashley Minnis   
    -first year:
-0.6-1cm long
-found in the upper region of the tree
    -second year and on:
-10-25cm long
-narrow and cylindrical
-brown in color
-found in the upper region of the tree
    -Seeds are:
-reddish-brown, 6mm long with 'wings' 2cm long

This photo taken by me, Ashley Minnis, to show how the female cones are located at the top of the tree. Since the primary means of fertilization between white pine trees is wind pollination, the adaptation of having the pollen cones situated below the seed cones helps to prevent self-fertilization or inbreeding.


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