Rana clamitans is a carnivore which makes them a heterotroph.  They also have a complete digestive system.  This means that once a green frog eats something, it goes from a mouth, to a stomach, to an intestine where the nutrients can be absorbed and used by the rest of the body.  A frogs diet includes insects such as flies, spiders, beetles, butterflies, grasshoppers, moths, and caterpillars.  They are also known to eat tadpoles and other small frogs.

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The green frog larvae, more commonly known as tadpoles eat mostly green algae.

While green frogs are predators, they are also often prey to organisms such as black ducks, mallards, herons, rails, crows, northern harriers, bitterns, snakes, and other large birds (see one example here).

Green frog larvae are prey to many organisms like bullfrogs, fishing spiders, other frogs, dragonflies, predacious diving beetle, giant water bugs, and backswimmers.

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