Interactions & Behavior

Green frogs habitats are very popular and therefore interspecies interactions are inevitable and numerous.

In the marsh I studied Rana clamitans interacts with many organisms including but not limited to leopard frogs, ducks, red winged black birds, chickadees, beavers, swans, egress, the ramshorn snail and many many more.

Here, you can see the snapping turtle, another organism that the green frog interacts with.

Green frogs live in the water avoid desiccation, as well as predation.  It is difficult to catch something that is slippery, fast, and underwater in the blink of an eye.  Predators have to be fast to catch these extremely skittish creatures.

Rana clamitans also interacts with humans and their various pets when they walk along the bike path at Myrick Park in La Crosse WI.  On a warm day, you can hear green frogs croaking from 50 feet away.

Green frogs are particularly protective of their territory, and their mates.  Male frogs will alter the frequency and pitch of their "voices" to appear larger so as to drive away the competition or more attractive to perspective female mates.

Check out this video I took of a duck at the local marsh! (it is also posted on

See reproduction behavior HERE!