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These photos will just help you gain a little more understanding of the wonderful beings we call "slime molds."

Pink and Grey slime molds growing on a substrate. Courtesy of Wikipedia
Pink and grey slime mold on a substrate.

         Cool red slime mold on a decaying log. Courtsey of...      Dog Vomit Slime Mold. Wikipedia

For a truly amazing look at all the different slime molds available, click here. You will also learn more about each of the different species of slime molds present on this website.

A nice collage of the beautiful slime mold varieties. As Put together by Purdue University
No, it's not organismal excrement; yes it is slime mold.

      Slime mold crawling over a leaf. As seen on Wikipedia                     Fruiting body. Wikipedia
      Slime mold "crawling" along a leaf.

                 Cool orange slime mold

                 Black fruiting bodies. Brought to you by Amazing facts

For some more excellent pictures go to Wayne's Word, especially the Vomit Slime Mold (pretty cool and gross).
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