BIO 203


Slime molds tend not to actually be slimy, they sometimes just look the part.

Slime molds were once considered fungi based on these facts:
    1. They don't move, like animals.
    2. They don't have green chlorophyll, like plants.
    3. They are not as small as bacteria.

The millions of nuclei that make up a single plasmodial slime mold divide at the same time. This interesting fact makes slime mold a valuable tool for scientists studying mitosis.

Some spores are able to survive in their dormant stage for up to 75 years before germination.

Some people are concerned with the removal of slime molds from sidewalks and plants thinking that the "mold" is harmful and wonder how to get rid of it. The number one answer to that is.... just let it be and it will disappear on its own! As Dr. Tom Volk would say, "There's nothing you can do to get rid of it short of getting rid of all the mulch and that might not even do it. The easiest solution is to find a way to enjoy them."

Average speed of a moving slime mold: 1mm (yes, millimeter) per hour.

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