BIO 203


Slime molds are not very outgoing organisms. They tend not to associate much with other organisms. However, they still do have interactions. And I'm here to tell you about them!

As crazy as it may sound, slime molds could be considered predators. They crawl around looking for food such as bacteria. Slime molds interact with the substrate around them. They pick out any nutrients or minerals that they need to stay alive. This means they also interact with the bacteria and other small organisms in the substrate by eating them, sometimes. Slime molds can also interact with your flower gardens! They can grow on the mulch covering the unsightly dirt and even crawl up the stems of plants such as ferns and lowbush blueberries. But don't worry because the slime mold is harmless to your flowers and mulch and even yourself. There has never been a risk associated with slime mold contact. In fact, people even eat some slime molds in Mexico!

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