Only in the adult stage in the definitive host is Dipylidium caninum sexually mature. Dipylidium caninum is a monoecious organism, meaning it’s hermaphroditic. Each strobilus segment also known as proglottids have two sets of male and female reproductive organs. One Dipylidium caninum organism consists of about 150 proglottids. Each one of the proglottids eventually contain 12 eggs.

The male reproductive organs include several testes, a sperm duct, and a cirrus.

The female reproductive organs include one ovary, an oviduct, an ootype, a seminal receptacle, a vagina and an uterus. The uterus is reticulated and will break off to form a uterine capsule around the egg. Once doing so, it travels through the organism to be passed out via defecation to begin the life cycle again.


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