Opium's Phylogenetic Tree

Opium is a member of the Plantae (plant) Kingdom and might seem to have a predictable placement among a phylogenetic tree, but when compared with other taxonomic information from other organisms from multiple kingdoms, Opium is truly unique and greatly diverse from many other organisms inhabiting the Earth.  Below is a phylogenetic tree demonstrating this.


Below is a phylogenetic tree containing the 20 closest genetic relatives to Opium.  These organisms are the most genetically similar organisms on Earth to Opium, and generally they all resemble opium.  Both images above show the genetic line of Opium Poppy in red.  Comparing organisms is a good way to compare certain species, but hardly precise.  A more accurate way to classify, identify and study an organism is to examine an organisms complete taxonomic classification.  Proceed to the classification page to view the complete taxonomy of opium poppy, or Papaver somniferum.


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