Who is Tyler Andrysczyk?

Tyler Andrysczyk        


Hi, my name is Tyler Andrysczyk, I'm a Freshman at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, and I am studying Chemistry and and Pre-Pharmacy. I've always been interested in science related subjects, but Chemistry always seemed to be my favorite.  Working in a hospital has always been a goal of mine, but becoming a doctor seemed like an unreachable goal. Pharmacy seemed like a possible career for me, and I find learning about diseases, their effect on the human body, and medication that counteract those effects very interesting.

I've always been interested in science, but a hobby of mine is engineering.  In the past, at Xavier High School, I participated in the Xavier Robotics Club.  As a part of this club, I competed against robotics clubs across the United States to earn a chance to compete in the International Robotics Competition.  Unfortunately my Sophomore and Junior year robotics team fell short of this goal, but that was not the case my Senior year.  In 2010, I was captain and lead designer of a team that went to Dallas, Texas to compete against hundreds teams from all around the world.  Meeting teams from places such as New Zeeland, China, Mexico, and many other countries was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.  Another amazing aspect of the competition was how elaborate the opening ceremonies were.  Part of the robotics competition was documenting the teams progress, and we did this quite well, and ended up winning an award partially based upon this.  This book containing the progress of the team was called the Engineering Notebook, and is shown to the right. 

Another hobby of mine is sports.  Since high school, I have participated in Football and Rugby.  The Xavier Hawks are known for their athletics as well as academic excellence.  Even though the Valley Crusaders rugby team's record wasn't as impressive as the Xavier Hawks Football record, but I am proud to have been part of both teams.  Now that I am in college, recreation time is much more limited, but I still find time to participate in fall rugby and spring intramural softball.     

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