Interested in Maritigrella crozieri's life cycle?

Life History

        Tiger flatworms are simultaneous hermaphrodites and they frequently mate through hypodermic insemination. In order to find a mate, the tiger flatworm uses chemical compounds which they can sense using their large pseudotentacles. When two tiger flatworms insert each other with their separate copulatory stylets, hypodermic insemination occurs. Sperm is then transferred between the two flatworms in bundles which travel up the parenchyma to the oviducts and fertilize the eggs. The eggs are set down in egg masses that hatch into free swimming larvae in approximately 10 days.

        Maritigrella crozieri are also able to reproduce asexually through fission. When it divides into two or more parts, either on its own terms or due to predator influence, it can restore the lost part. If a considerable amount of each part remains undamaged, more than one tiger flatworm can grow back.