Best Ways To Catch an Albacore Tuna

I may not fish that often, but I know that when I do fish I get mad if I do not catch anything, as most of you probably do as well. On this page of my website I am going to try and explain some techniques that will hopefully help you be able to catch an Albacore tuna while fishing. In doing so, hopefully many of you won't come back empty handed the next time you are fishing.

The first step that needs to be done is to locate the Albacore tuna. This can be done with research on the computer to find the habitats of this tuna. You can also look at the habitat page on my page to locate these tuna. Once the habitat of the tuna is known, you can begin trying to catch the tuna.

Once the Albacore tuna has been located, you can now try to lure the tuna towards your boat to help increase your chances on the tuna taking your bait. One way this can be done, which many fisherman do, is use anchovies. You can see in my nutrition page that anchovies are a main source of food for the Albacore tuna and using them can help lure this tuna towards your boat. Fisherman may also use small squids to help lure the tuna in near the boats. Once the Albacore tuna have been lured in towards the boat, you can begin casting away. There are however a few things you need to know about casting. First, you need to know the strength of the fishing line that should be used. You need to take into account the size of the tuna, so in most cases you would want to use a 20lb mono or heavier, which will in most cases not be able to be bitten off from the tuna. You also want to take into account the live bait that is used to catch the Albacore tuna. The size of the hook should match that of the bait and each bait should be hooked differently. Anchovies should be hooked with the mouth shut, from the bottom up through the top lip. Mackerels and sardines should be hooked a little different, through the nose or anus.

I hope with these few techniques that I have given you you are able to not go home empty and actually catch your tuna!

So remember...

1. Locate the tuna

2. Lure the tuna in with some type of food source

3. Use the correct size of fishing line

4. Correctly hook the bait that you use to catch the tuna


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