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Why hello there! I hope you all have enjoyed my website. This page is all about me, so I hope you enjoy. My name is Noah Bularz and I am currently a freshman at UW-La Crosse. I am a Biomedical Major and a Chemistry Minor. One day I hope to go to Medical School and become a Pediatrician.  I am from Mukwonago, WI, a small town that is about 30 miles from Milwaukee. As a kid, I was very active and enjoyed playing all sports, but what I loved most was soccer. I probably played it almost every single day and couldn’t get enough of it. I played for a pretty well known club called FC Milwaukee and played on their Academy team. However, my dream of playing soccer through college came to an end after I graduated from high school. I chose to stop playing in order to focus on my studies so that one day I can hopefully achieve my new dream of becoming a doctor.

Although I am not really into fishing, I still thought that choosing the Albacore tuna to research about would be really interesting. My grandpa is pretty big into fishing and has taken me to Canada to fish, so I did have a little background on it. However, the main reason I chose this species to research about was because of the omega-3 fatty acids it produces. I have always been interested in medicine and I thought researching omega-3 fatty acids would be beneficial to me. I have enjoyed all the research and time that I have put into this project and hope all of you have enjoyed my site. I know I do not know everything about the Albacore tuna and would love to hear from you with any concerns or comments you may have. Feel free to contact me at my school email Thanks again and I hope you enjoy my website!


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