Like all other organisms, Albacore tuna have a large variety of species that they interact with throughout their life. This section of the website will explain these different types of interactions that Albacore tuna possess.

First, Albacore tuna interact with other tuna species. As I explained in my habitat section, Albacore tuna migrate a lot throughout their lives. Other similar sized tuna including bluefin, yellowfin and skipjack tuna migrate with the Albacore tuna in schools. They usually travel in packs with these other tuna species, which help increase their survival rates. The yellowfin tuna as well as the northern tuna live in relatively same habitats as the Albacore tuna. There are also other species that live in the same habitat as the Albacore tuna. Some species include the Great Lantern shark, Mustard hill coral, turtles, Cuvier’s beaked whale and dolphins.


To find out the interactions based on the food the Albacore tuna eat feel free to check my nutrition page.

Although the Albacore tuna may be near the top of the food chain, they are also fed upon by many predators. These predators feed on the tuna which help them survive and also allow many other benefits. Some top predators of the Albacore tuna include billfish, sharks, rays and even some larger tuna. Also, humans are a top predator of the tuna, as they receive nutritional omega-3 fatty acids from them. To learn more about this, check out my page on omega-3.


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