Polyrhachis lamellidens

About Me: Jason Cullen  a.k.a. (Jcully)


Greetings everyone! My name is Jason Cullen, and I am currently a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.  I am a bio-med major with a pre-medicine concentration.  This website was created as a project for my organismal biology class. 


To tell you a little more about myself, the two activities that occupy most of my time  involve anything sports related (except soccer) and studying.  I grew up in central Illinois, so naturally I am a huge fan of the Cubs and the Bears.  Unfortunately, being a Bears fan and going to school in the state of Wisconsin isn't exactly an ideal combination.  I do love to play sports and have fun, but I definitely take my studies very seriously as well.  I believe that you get out of your education what you put in, so I try hard to approach every class with a positive mindset and think of it as an opportunity to learn.


I chose to do my project on the Polyrhachis lamellidens, because it was an organism that I had never heard of before and I thought its pictures were really cool.  I am very glad that I chose to research this organism, because I thought it was extremely fascinating how these tiny ants possess chemical properties that can be used to benefit humans. 

Thank you to everyone who allowed me to use their photos. I would not have been able to make this website without you!


Photo taken by Chris Steffes

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email: cullen.jaso@uwlax.edu