Polyrhachis lamellidens

              Welcome to the amazing world of
               the Polyrhachis lamellidens!        

The Polyrhachis lamellidens is an ant species in which most people are probably not familiar with.  This ant is found in many places in Eastern Asia as well as in surrounding countries.  The Polyrhachis lamellidens has many unique characteristics that make it an extremely fascinating "critter."

Thanks to Benoit Guenard for supplying me with this image.
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As you can see from the morphological features in the image to the right, this organism has a complex body structure.  In order to help familiarize yourself with the anatomy of this organism, I've created a very cool interactive image using the photo featured to the right.  The image doesn't go into great detail but it should help!



Please have a look around the site to learn about this complex species.  After you are done be sure to check out more interesting organisms at MultipleOrganisms.net

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