Polyrhachis lamellidens


Where does it live?


The Polyrhachis lamellidens is found mostly in the woods of tropical and subtropical areas in East Asia.  The ant can be found in eastern China, Japan, Taiwan, and Korea.  The ability of this organism to construct nests made of larval silk has led to a niche located in hollow tree trunks.  These areas are generally not very highly sought after by most organisms so the Polyrhachis lamellidens fits into its niche very nicely.  The construction of these nests tend to be located by an already existing colony of Polyrahchis lamellidens ants.



What other organisms live in the same environment?

The Polyrhachis lamellidens tends to live closely to colonies of the ant Camponotus Japonicus These two ants are pretty closely related, and the Polyrhachis lamellidens is a known social parasite of the Camponotus Japonicus.  The Polyrhachis lamellidens also lives in the same environment as other insects that include: caterpillars, Camponotus obscuripes, emerald ash borer beetle, mayflies.  The Polyrhachis lamellidens lives in wooded areas alongside many different plant and fungi species including: Ginko biloba, Phyllanthus nururi, Camellia sinensis, peppermint plants, shiitake mushrooms, and Gymnopilus spectabilis.


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