Polyrhachis lamellidens

Interesting Facts:


I chose to research this particular organism because of its impressive morphological features and its unique medicinal properties.  I think that other people should find it interesting because this organism has developed some very cool characteristics through evolution.  If nothing else people should care about this organism because it possesses chemical properties that are beneficial to humans. 


Did you know?

- The genus Polyrhachis consists of over 500 different ant species and make up nineteen different subgenera.


- The Polyrhachis vicina is a relative of the Polyrhachis lamellidens, and it also     possesses the chemical components to help combat rheumatoid arthritis.  The Polyrhachis vicina is commonly used in the health food industry as a dietary supplement.

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                                                                                                  The above image showing a posterior view of
                                                                                                   the Polyrhachis lamellidens was taken by
                                                                                                   Benoit Guenard. (This image cannot be found online).

- There are around 12,500 different ants species and many of them have very different lifestyles.


- The oldest known ant species is Sphecomyrma freyi. A member of this species was found preserved in amber and estimated to be 100 million years old.


- Ants are able to lift 20 times their own body weight.  If a 200 pound human could do this they would be able to lift 4,000 pounds!


The above image of the Polyrhachis lamellidens was taken by Benoit Guenard.
(This image cannot be found online)


- Ants have the largest brain of all the animals in proportion to body size.


- Worker ants can live up to sixty days, but queen ants can live up to thirty years.


- There are 1 million ants for every human on the planet.


- Some worker ants will take over 250 naps in one day!


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