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 Trimeresurus gramineus, the

 Bamboo pit viper.

                         Bamboo Pit Viper


   Welcome!  This webpage is devoted to Trimeresurus gramineus, more commonly known as the Bamboo pit viper.  The Bamboo pit viper is an amazing snake found in the cool jungle regions of southern India.  This pit viper is distinguished by its green and yellow scales and by the pit organs found by the nostril.  They usually grows about  two and a half feet, starting at a pointed head and ending with a three part tail.  Being a smaller snake, the Bamboo pit viper is pretty shy, using camouflage and other adaptations to hide from predators.  That said, if you are ever lucky enough to find one of these snakes in the wild, observe from a distance!  These snakes are venomous and if threatened have been known to strike out.

Thinking the Bamboo pit viper doesn't affect you?  If you know anyone who use an ace inhibitor to control heart and blood pressure problems, then you should be grateful  for these creatures! The venom for pit vipers are an essential ingredient in these ace inhibitors that are used all over the world.  Want to learn more about these amazing snakes?  Take a look around my website!


                     Headshot of the Bamboo pit viper

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