Mentha piperita

I Bet You Didn't Know that...

Mentha is one of the oldest plant names that is still used today.  The genus name is derived from Greek myth.  According to the legend, a nymph by the name of Mintha was transformed into a plant which they called mint.  In another story, ill-fated Mintha was reduced to dust from which the mint plant grew.

M. piperita has a second scientific name, M. balsamea Wild

Menthol, the oil derived from peppermint leaves is used to treat mild skin irritation due to sunburn and itching due to poison ivy and poison oak.


Mentha piperita is very closely related to Salvia, a plant cultivated for use a commercial incense and often abused for its intense hallucinogenic properties.


The peppermint plant grows to be between one and two feet tall, but can get up to three feet tall when it is blossoming.


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