Mentha piperita

        There is nothing that perks you up when you're feeling a bit groggy in the morning quite like the icy cool blast you get from your favorite mouthwash.  Likewise, not many things come close to being as delicious as mint chocolate chip ice cream.  Or how about that emergency piece of chewing gum you keep in your pocket just in case you're lucky enough to get a good night kiss on the first date.  It is easy to appreciate the benefits that peppermint provides for humankind, but these are just a few of the many attributes that mint is capable of offering; in particular, the Mentha piperita or peppermint species.

        Welcome to my page dedicated entirely to this incredible species.  Inside you will find all sorts of useful information about peppermint and other things that are just for fun.  Where to begin, you may be asking yourself.  Click here to discover more about the scientific classification of the Mentha piperita species.  Or, choose a tab at the top of the page to explore in whichever order you please!