Six Feet Under

Streptomyces griseus has a large environmental role as a decomposer and overall production of certain bioactive metabolites (many which are natural antibiotics) which are used extensively in medicine to fend off disease.

Antibiotics, many which are derived from this category of bacteria.  (Provided by Oregon Health)

The antibiotics derived from Streptomyces griseus will be discussed later on, as they're some of the most important today.  To get back on track Streptomyces griseus lives mostly in soils across the world, along with some researchers have found it in beaches and other sediments. This habitat has the potential for many different organisms and contains thousands if not millions of other species of bacteria.

Fungal hyphae in soil with many bacteria clinging to them.  (Provided by The United States Department of Agriculture)

This bacteria is successful in its soil environment as it works in a lot of the same way that a fungus does, in that it breaks down material, creating richer soil for future farmers.  And with having a very complex life cycle and structure this bacteria can grow quickly and survive in even fairly acidic environments, which since soil is generally alkaline in nature, is impressive.

With this large amount of organisms in an area Streptomyces griseus has adapted a way of life very similar to that of the fungi in terms of how this organism gets its nutrition and even its internal structure.  This leads into the movement of this bacteria, which as you can imagine from what I just stated, is almost exactly the same as a fungus.  Streptomyces griseus moves by using exoenzymes of all kinds, due to a large genome that allows the bacteria to respond to its environment and secrete the enzymes needed to digest the material around it.  Overall, the functions and underlying importance of structure will be covered in the next section as we delve into the key as to how this organism flourishes in its environment.

Next, how Streptomyces griseus thrives in its environment and the overall life cycle of this bacteria:

The Vibrant Life of a Bacteria