Streptomyces griseus

Hello and thank you for visiting my website!  Inside you will learn about the complexities of a bacteria that has not only changed the world with its implications in medicine, but one that seems to break a lot of rules when we normally think of bacteria.

First off though, some quick information about myself.  I am a Junior level student at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse and am making this website as a part of my Organismal Biology class.  To find out more about me click here: About Me, otherwise keep on reading and I hope you enjoy learning about Streptomyces griseus!

This is a bacteria that makes spores and intricate structures to accomplish its overall life cycle.  This is the life of Streptomyces griseus and I hope you will enjoy learning about this very interesting organism from its place in taxonomy to its place in fighting infectious disease.

There are millions of bacteria in every acre of soil!

(Provided by The United States Department of Agriculture)

To start off, let’s see where this bacteria resides comparatively to some other categories of organisms that you're familiar with to give you a better sense as to where we're headed.

Basic Information and Taxonomy

Streptomyces, does its growth seem similar to fungi?

(Provided by The United States Department of Agriculture)