Seahorses do not have teeth or a functional jaw, so in order for them to survive, they have to eat food that is small enough to pass through their digestive system. Also, seahorses don't even have a stomach! They have to eat constantly since their food particularly goes right through them.   Adult seahorses eat different food compared to fry.

Seahorses usually feed on different kinds of small crustaceans crawling on the sea floor, or floating along in the water. Since seahorses have an amazing ability to camouflage, seahorse can capture their prey that is within their striking range. Great seahorses also feed on brine shrimp, very small fish, zooplankton or plankton. In order for the seahorse to eat the food, they have to suck the food in through it's snout  and swallow it whole! Fry usually have to eat newly hatched brine shrimp or shrimp larvae.

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