Great seahorses are typically found in the tropics or along temperate coasts. The are usually in shallow parts of these tropical waters, since the water is warmer. Seahorses like to live in places that have still waters or a low current, since seahorses are not very good swimmers. Since seahorses do not swim well, they also prefer areas that give them an easy access to grasp on to a rock or grass with their prehensile tails in order to rest. Areas like these are usual places with coral, seasponges, or seaweed and grasses. Seahorses will chose these areas over open water in order to not be seen by pray and their lack of swimming ability. These habitats are ideal because it provides great seahorses with shelter and areas where they can camouflage easily with their environment. Great Seahorses are also non-migratory and live up to a depth range of 120 meters.

Hippocampus kelloggis are found in parts of the Red Sea up to Japan as well as in the Western Pacific. They are practically found in the shallow regions of China, India, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Philippines, Taiwan, east Africa, and United Republic. Scientist have recently discovered that Hippocampus kelloggis may also be found on the coasts of Australia; further research is being done to confirm that they are found here or a different species.

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