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My name is Brian Adam Manske, I am from Coon Valley, Wisconsin. I grew up in town, but loved to spend time on my families dairy farm. I especially enjoyed roaming through the woods while admiring the incredible sights, sounds, and smells of nature. After high school I travelled the Midwest and Florida as a construction worker. A few years later I joined the Army and went off to play warrior. After the Army, I worked in a Trauma and Emergency Center as a registration counselor, admissions clerk, and emergency medical technician while attending nursing school. I am currently a Junior at UWL with a major in Biomedical Science with minors in Chemistry and Psychology. My favorite pastime is running and cycling along with spending time with my hyper dog Lacy. Who seems to have grown up so fast.


Photos taken by myself


I chose my organism for its historical value as well as it locality. Growing up in a mushroom rich area, Morel mushroom hunting was a ritual carried out every year. Now, due to Organismal Biology, I have expanded my knowledge of edible mushroom and appreciate the fruits of the earth to a greater degree. I am also very fascinated with the medicinal aspects of fungi in relation to treating and curing serious medical illness such as cancer.



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