Piptoporus betulinus in Latin means-Piptoporus "a polypore that falls off" and  betulinus "inhabiting bitch (Betula) trees."

Photo by Andy Cook





Domain:      Eukarya  Kingdom:    Fungi       Phylum:      Basidiomycota Class:         Agaricomycetes Order:        Polyporales Family:       Fomitopsidaceae Genus:       Piptoporus Species:    Piptoporus betulinus



Domain:         Eukarya            Piptoporus betulinus is classified as Eukaryotic as it contains a true nucleus; which contains cytoplasm, cell membrane, and other membrane bound organelles.  'Eu' means true 'karya' means nucleus                                                                     Examples: Equus asinus, The Donkey, Camelus dromedarius, The Camel



Kingdom:       Fungi                 Piptoporus betulinus is classified as Fungi because it is heterotrophic, non-vascular and immotile, reproduces by spores, has alternation of generation, possess a fruiting body, forms hyphae in the vegetative state, and has cell walls made of chitin.               An Example: Aspergillus fumigatus,  A human pathogenic fungus




Phylum:         Basidiomycota     Piptoporus betulinus is classified as Basidiomycota given it forms a fruiting body,  and sexually reproduces spores externally on club shaped sporangium called basidium. 'Basidio' means small pedestal and 'mycota' means fungus.                         Examples: Schizophyllum commune, The split gill mushroom,        Psilocybe cubensis, The magic mushroom,

Top and Bottom by Michael Kuo

           Agaricomycetes   Piptoporus betulinus is classified as
Agaricomycetes given that is forms a mushroom.

Examples: Pleurotus ostreatus, The Pearl Oyster Mushroom,           Auricularia auricula, The Jelly Ear Mushroom,


Mushroom, Photo by Gary Emberger

Order:           Polyporales         Piptoporus betulinus is classified as a
member of the Polyporales due to having many openings on the underside
 of the fruiting body where spore release occurs.  'Poly' means many and
'por' means opening.
Examples: Ganoderma lucidum, Reishi or Lingzhi Mushroom,
Ganoderma applanatum, Artist's Conk,
Laetiporus sulphureus, Chicken of the Woods

Underside, Photo by Gary Emberger

Family:           Fomitopsidaceae            Piptoporus betulinus classified
as a member of Fomitopsidaceae given that it is parasitic to woody plants
and causes brown cubical rot of dead hardwoods. 

Photo by Tom Volk

Genus:            Piptoporus                   Piptoporus betulinus classified as a bracket fungi.




Species:  Piptoporus betulinus means a bracket fungi on Birch trees.


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