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Hello, hello good readers! I, as you've surely guessed by now, am the creator of this website. My name, incase you didn't spot it at the bottom of the page, is Nichole O'Brien. I am currently a Freshman at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. My major is Biomedical Science. I'm currently taking Organismal Biology and though it proved quite entertaining, this website was not created for the sake of making a website. No, this was actually an assignment. However, I do wish that you enjoyed my website.


Honestly, I chose Brunfelsia grandiflora because it had a cool name. The scientific name is fun to say on its own, but all the other names, particularly Fever Tree and Kiss Me Quick caught my attention. Thankfully, the organism proved to be interesting. Really, looking at this shrub when it was flowering, I would never guess that it was poisonous or that it could be used as a hallucinogen! Hopefully you found B. grandiflora as entertaining as I did.



 For some more fun, you can view the websites of my classmates by going to You're excited now, I can tell. Have a good day!


A picture of my friends and me. From the left: Torri, Me, Molly, and Nicole. This is my picture.


If you would like to reach me in regards to my website, you can contact me at




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