Anther  - part of the stamen that contains pollen

- adenosine triphospate, provides energy for cells to do work

Calvin cycle - dark reactions of photosynthesis

Chlorophyll - absorbs light to provide energy for photosynthesis, found in chloroplasts

Epiphyte - a plant that grows on a substrate other then in the soil (e.g. trees, rocks)

Keikis - an offshoot from the stem that develops into a new flower

Labellum - one of the petals on an orchid that is colorful to attract pollinators, or provide an area for insect to land.

NADPH - nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate, used for energy in the calvin cycle

Ovary - a piece of the female reproductive part of the flower, contains the ovules. Once fertilization has occurred, the ovary becomes a pod for the ovules to develop into seeds.

Ovule - the “egg”, of the flower found within the ovary

Pistil - the female reproductive part of the orchid, long tube with ovary at the end.

Phloem - vascular tissue that transports sugars (sucrose)

Pollinia - specific to orchids, the pollen is in waxy masses instead of the traditional powdery pollen.

Protocorm - formed once the orchid seedling germinates, only a groupings of cells, yet to develop organs such as roots or leaves.

Pseudobulb - a water storage organ that is found in epiphytes at the base of the stem

Rhizome - the horizontal stem in which growths and roots are produced.

Stamen - male reproductive part of the orchid which produces pollinia

Stigma - at the end of the pistil where the pollinia is collected at pollination

Stomata - allow for gas exchange (carbon dioxide and water) and water release, found in the leaves

Stroma - the matrix within the chloroplast

Style - part of the female reproductive structure, an elongated part of the ovary

Sympodial - a growth that develops on the rhizome, a new flower is produced off of these, and are eventually replaced by other sympodial.

Thylakoids - membrane bound organelle within chloroplasts, site of light dependent photosynthesis.

Xylem - vascular tissue that transports water

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