Rubus spectabilis

                                                          Rubus spectabilis drupelet  
Rubus spectabilis drupelet

Photo courtesy of: Matunos

WELCOME! I hope as you venture through this web page you leave with a greater understanding of Rubus spectabilis, commonly known as Salmonberry. The name Salmonberry comes from the fact that they were eaten with dry salmon.

Many confuse this organism with raspberries, and yes they look similar, but at the same time they are very different! It is known for its medical uses to Indians and early settlers. Tea was made from the leaves to help sick children relax and sleep. Also, many tribes used the bark in a powder to soothe burns and ease stomach trouble. Various forms helped ease labor pains as well. Now let's learn about its classification!

                                    Author: Amelia Ruiz, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
                                                            Last updated: April 15 2011

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