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Unlike tobacco or opium, peyote is not considered to be an addictive substance.

Many years ago, it would not be uncommon for people to walk 200 miles to obtain peyote as part of the ceremonious rituals.

In the 16th century people thought that peyote was a fungus and referred to it as the "sacred mushroom".

Currently there are 11 official peyoteros working in south Texas. According to records, each harvests and sells an average of 200,000 button tops per year.

It is possible to buy peyote plants or seeds online, but make sure you are aware of it's legality.

Here is are a  few short videos that will give you a greater appreciation for Lophophora williamsii and the traditions that surround it:
Navajo Peyote Songs....(Live Meeting)
Peyote Native American Dance of the Spirit Cherokee
Peyote Flowering

Below is a poem I found about Peyote:

Peyotero: Guide to the Holy Crop Knocking on Heaven's Door

Wandering Through
The Chaparral For A
Green Knob Where
There's Some Medicine

Peyote Button Warfare
Psychedelic Stained Glass - 
Church Window Hallucination
A Mescal Bottle Reflecting In The Sun

Enter The Doors
Of Perception To The
Divine Source Of All Existence
Peyotero Guiding Hunting Trips

Selling Peyote Buttons
Native American Church
Pray To The Medicine Everyday
Religion Pilgrimage Train A New Generation

Burlap Sacks Leave
The Bible Behind
Mescalito God's Authentic Source
Spiritual Vehicle For Self-Knowledge

They Say The Sundance Wives
Came For The Flower
They Say We Escaped The
Hornet's Nest To Befriend The Bee Hives
Bob Dylan We Set Up A Tipi In A Thunder Shower
Formed An Alliance With A Peyotero
Guide To The Holy Crop Knocking On Heaven's Door

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