History, Rules and Regulations

Peyote is a cacti with a long and rich history. Indigenous people in The United States and Mexico have been using this plant since the earliest recorded time. According to documented evidence, peyote has been used for religious, ceremonial and medical purposes over 20,000 years.For an extensive peyote timeline visit Erowids Peyote Vault

The peyote traditions are a huge part of the Native American Church. Members refer to L.williamsii as “the sacred medicine,” and it often plays a huge role in their spirituality and rituals. They view the cacti with a high level of respect and admiration. Because of it importance and tradition in the NAC, members are legally permitted to utilize peyote in their rituals. The law protects the harvest, possession, consumption and cultivation of peyote as part of "bonafide religious ceremonies." For the rest of United States, both Peyote and mescaline are illegal. It is registered as a schedule III substance.

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