Glossary of Terms                     

3,4,5-trimethoxyphenethylamine: Chemical name for Mescaline

Analgesic: Any member of the group of drugs administered to relieve pain

Areole: Highly condensed felted cushion that unique to cacti. It is usually hairy and/or spiny. It is from these that the flowers and offsets arise.

Crown: Includes the top portion of the peyote cactus it is made up of small disc-shaped buttons that are cut off and dried

Grafting: A method of breeding in which an artificial connection is made between two different parts of two closely related plants 

Mescaline: Naturally occurring psychedelic alkaloid present in Peyote

Pups: Young peyote crowns     

Rheumatism: Medical problem which affecting both the joints and their connective tissues

Succulent plant: Plants that have adapted to dry climates or soil by storing water in their flesh leaves

Toxicity: The degree to which a substance does damage an organism

Tubercles:  A small raised area or outgrowth on a plant surface

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