About Me

Hi! My name is Rose Zolondek and I am a student at University of   Wisconsin-LaCrosse. I study music and molecular biology that in hopes I can become a cancer researcher and a musician on the side. This web page is my Organismal Biology web page project.

I chose this organism because it is commonly found in society. My roommate drinks tea with Ginseng in it every day. Many products such as teas contain Ginseng and are considered to be very healthy. I wanted to know exactly why products with Ginseng were considered helpful to the human body compared to other teas and how it affects the body. With more research being done on Ginseng, it may be possible for treatments to come out for people who are undergoing chemotherapy since it helps stabilize the body's functions.

More research will be done on Ginseng in the future and it may possibly be used in more medicines, food, teas, and supplement tablets (8). It is a smart idea to keep an eye on Ginseng as it makes its way into the market as a popular product.

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