Ginseng is available in North America and Asia in the countries of Japan, Nepal, China, and Korea (1). Different species live in different countries. The species Panax ginseng originated in China along the Manchurian mountain provinces. In this area there are cedar forests that provide the perfect cool environment for the Ginseng to grow with a perfect moisture level in the soil. The good news is deer ticks do not live in these forests so anyone looking for Ginseng will not be annoyed (19). American Ginseng is called Panax quiquefolius and is found mostly in Canada, Wisconsin, Ohio, and other US states. The Japanese Ginseng is called Panax japonicas and as the name implies is located throughout Japan (18).

Other organisms that live in the area are local trees like cedar forest trees and hardwood trees like Maple, Butternut, Dogwood, Poplar, and Linwood trees. Bacteria like Bacillus megaterium, Micrococcus luteus, B. cereus, Clostridium botulinum, and Lysinibacillus fusiformis, fungi like Aspergillus fumigatus , and protists live in the soil. Dandelions, White Tailed Deer, and Tube Worms exist in these areas too. Junipers are other plants that like the colder atmosphere despite it not living in the common area with Ginseng. Western Honey Bees help pollinate the flowers in spring when the plant is about four years old (18).


 Photo By Eric Burkhart   

  Used with permission from Hardings Ginseng Farm




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