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Ginseng extracts are put into capsules and pills so people can receive these effects without having to chew the Ginseng root. Ginseng is a primary producer which means it is an autotrophic organism that is eaten by other heterotrophic organisms. It is used similarly to Vitamin C for the immune system. Then when a patient undergoes cancer therapy, he or she can take Ginseng to help recover faster and easier by raising the immune system. Athletes take Ginseng to keep from experiencing energy loss and to aid in injury recovery (1)(18)(20).

In older days it was used to cool the body by chewing it during warm summers. It lives with other trees like ceder trees in the Manchurian mountains, bacteria like Bacillus megaterium, Micrococcus luteus, B. cereus, and Lysinibacillus fusiformis, fungi like the garlic mustard fungi, animals like mice and chipmunks, and other plants in cool forests all over the northern hemisphere. However tests show that Ginseng does not actually provide any actual direct healing power (1). It is not know yet what the medicinal use is in nature (1)(18)(20).

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