American Mountain Ash


 American Mountain Ash can reproduce both sexually and asexually.  Asexual reproduction is seen when the top of an American Mountain Ash is cut down or killed, it will sprout from the stump left.  Sexual reproduction happens by seed.  The main distributors of the seeds are generally birds.  The average time that a seed is ingested and then defecated by a bird is only about 30 minutes.  This indicates that the dispersal of seeds may or may not have a wide range.  The range can vary from a few hundred feet to a few miles.  (Index of Species Information, 1992.)  Once the seeds are dispersed, they generally require approximately 60 days of cold stratification around 33-41 degrees Fahrenheit.  (American Mountain Ash, 2006.)  Stratification stimulates the natural conditions that a seed must undergo before it germinates.  The seedlings are quite hardy, so they aren’t very susceptible to insects or disease and therefore generally grow up healthy.  The highest rate of reproduction for the American Mountain Ash is often seen in birch, fur and/or spruce communities.  (American Mountain Ash, 2006.)    





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